Advanced Level Teaching Techniques in Cyprus

Two week-long courses to advance your teaching skills and service reach. (see detailed descriptions below)

Week 1: Yoga Therapy Foundations May 17-23

Week 2: Advanced Teaching Methodology and Philosophy Studies, May 24-31

Accommodations: Elia Tavrou 181, Neo Chorio 8852, Cyprus

Cost/week: 1200 Euro includes Room, 2 meals two yoga classes a day and a Certificate of Completion. 60 CEC’s each week. These courses can be applied to your Advanced Level YTT and Module 1 of the Yoga Therapy Certification.

Week One: Yoga Therapy Foundations

Therapeutic Use of Yoga Modalities for High Stress, Trauma, Depression, Chronic Pain, Anxiety and Addiction. Includes Anatomy of the Joints and a solid foundation for healing-centered teaching techniques.

Course I: Biomedical Foundations- Increase your ability to teach asana safely, help clients with injury and give sophisticated adapting and cueing for asana. We will learn anatomy of the foot and ankle, knee, hips, pelvic floor, spine, rib cage, shoulders and neck.

Course II: Healing Centered Yoga Therapy – Hone your teaching methodology to include a variety of demographics. This section includes how to teach gentle yoga, chair yoga, wheelchair yoga, and restorative yoga.

  1. Corridor of strength, chair yoga, teaching peeps to breath

  2. Chair yoga, design a joint freeing series, standing poses in a chair, body scans

  3. Designing and teaching Restorative Yoga

  4. Guided meditations, developing ego strength, Metta, Yoga Nidra scripts

  5. Adapting for issues around anxiety, depression, chronic pain, trauma, and addiction


Week Two: Advanced Teaching Methodology and Philosophy Studies

Teaching Methodology of Advanced Poses, Injury Prevention, Practical Ayurveda for yoga teachers, Safe hands-on-alignment techniques, Deep Study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and finding the heart of the Bhagavad-Gita.

Course 3: Mind/Body Integration, Yoga Philosophy – The study of yoga philosophy gives yoga teachers a time tested foundation for understanding the mind. In this course we will develop the critical thinking skills taught in yoga philosophy that can help us teach yoga techniques to help in the healing process of stress, depression, anxiety and trauma.

1.     Understanding the heart of the Bhagavad Gita – guidance for mental health and spiritual growth

2.     Studying the master thesis of mental processing - Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras line-by line

4.     Deep in the brain - where neuroscience and Ahimsa meet

Course 4: Advanced Teaching Methodology – Become a teacher’s teacher. Learn effective techniques and queuing to teach advanced poses, to give hands-on alignment and to prevent injury.

1.     Injury prevention and standing poses, arm balances

2.     Teaching backbends/forward bends and sun salutations

3.     Teaching twists and hands on

4.     Inversions and hands on

5.     Teaching advanced classes

6.     Teaching advanced classes

Yoga Therapy Training for Recovery from Trauma and Chronic Pain

A workshop for yoga teachers, healthcare professionals and spiritual leaders

July 4-6 10:00-5:00

Salsbury Center, Edinburgh, UK

20 hours CEC includes two hours of research and homework

This 20 hour training is focused on how to present intentional practices from the yoga tradition that will help with recovery from the effects of trauma and chronic pain. The practices will be simple for healthcare professionals to add to their practices and informative for yoga teachers who want to adjust their teaching methodology to work with clients who suffer from trauma and chronic pain. We will focus on how yoga therapy can address trauma by looking at our client’s healing path holistically.  We will look deep into yoga philosophy on how the mind processes information energetically. We will also explore the research that has been done on how yoga modulates can effect brain functioning – healing parts of the brain that have been effecting by trauma. We will also explore the relationship of chronic pain and trauma, learning evidence-based techniques and teaching methodology to aid in healing. The last day of the workshop is open to the public to come and try some classes taught by Nancy so that you can observe these skills in action. We will also include a lunchtime panel discussion on the accessibility of wellness to all members of the community. Last day includes lunch. Please dress in comfortable clothing.

 Day 1 Schedule:

10-11:00 Introductions and chair yoga/meditation practice

11:00 Understanding Trauma in terms of yoga therapy

1:00-2:00 Lunch break

2:00 – 5:00 Simple Yoga/ Meditation Techniques to work with Trauma

 Day 2 Schedule:

10-Chair Yoga and Meditation Practice

11:00 Yoga, Pain and Neuroscience

1:00-2:00 Lunch

2-5 Techniques to work with pain

Day 3 Schedule (Open to the Public. See the description below):

10:00 – introductions and short discussion a yoga therapy perspective on trauma and chronic pain

11-12 Chair Yoga

12 Lunch Panel discussion

1:30 Yoga Nidra

2:30 Gentle Yoga

Moving Forward from Trauma and Chronic Pain Conference

Join us for this 6 hour conference to learn techniques to help recover from high stress, trauma and pain. This day long conference is about intentional small steps to deep healing. Healing form incidents that shouldn’t have happened to us when we were kids. Healing form the divorce that left us reeling, healing from loved ones that left too soon. Healing emotionally form the illness that we were diagnosed with. Healing from the non-stop challenges that unbalance us, healing from the issues that our loved ones have that we need to give to. All these take a toil on that body and mind. Learning techniques to do in a chair, guided meditations and new ways of healthy relaxation.  We will have a lunchtime panel discussion on the accessibility of wellness in the community.  20 Pounds registration fee with the options of donations to Salsbury house on the day of the conference. Includes lunch

Our next Talk Story over Coffee event will be in December. Watch for details

3 moving forward Nov 7.jpg

It is so important for yoga teachers to learn how to tell our stories and offer practical skills to our clients. Come join us for an evening discussion on this topic which effects so many of us. You can use this for 1.5 CEC’s or contact me and we can set up a more comprehensive Yoga for the Recovery from Trauma individualized training for you. No Charge for .5 CEC’s