Yoga Therapy sessions are an ideal healing modality for pain management and stress reduction. Sessions are taught with sensitivity towards individuals who are ill or have experienced trauma and/or injury. All the yoga techniques can be adapted for individuals who might need to use chairs or need to lie down. Session may include personal training techniques

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Nancy Candea has worked with three members of my family for the last 3 years on individualized therapeutic yoga.  Each of us required a different level of guidance and interaction given our ages, personalities and various states of physical and mental health.  Nancy’s sensitive, intuitive and knowledgeable approach has been most helpful to each of us in restoring, building and maintaining a healthy perspective on both our bodies and overall sense of well being. We are blessed to have found someone so talented and special and highly recommend her to any individual who is seeking a personal and successful appreciation of yoga and its mental and physical benefits.
— Irene, 3 year private client, New Jersey

Yoga Therapy Session for Pain Management

Sessions include individualized exercises for:

  • postural alignment,
  • ease of breath,
  • increased core stability,
  • full range of motion,
  • improved balance,
  • deep relaxation,
  • healing from persistent pain. 


Yoga Therapy for Stress Reduction

Sessions include:

  •  guided meditation techniques to decrease cortisol levels,
  • mindfulness training to help recognize the signs of the first stages of stress, 
  • application of breathing and movement techniques to regain homeostasis,
  • exercises to increase focus and “happy” hormone production,
  • techniques for reduction of anxiety and depression.  

As a businesswoman, I know how challenging it is to do it ALL! My own wellness depends on a balanced approach to exercise, nutrition, relaxation, being part of a positive community, keeping involved in my family and following my life’s dreams. I believe that the unique combination of personal training and yoga techniques that I have designed for myself can benefit others who have the same aspirations. I help my clients to design unique wellness programs to fit into their busy lifestyles, and I support them until the skills become part of their everyday routines. I believe that when we find the connection between our wellness skills and our life’s purpose, we find the launching pad to our happiness and success. One of the keys to access more physical vitality and brain power is mindful exercise that develops strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation. Yoga training can provide many of these benefits. Combined with personal training techniques, it forms a skill set that is very effective on a tight schedule. Nutritional coaching, Ayurvedic self-massage and the use of simple herbs and spices in cooking and in teas top off a wellness lifestyle that increase health and happiness.
— Nancy Candea