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Our 2019/20 Offerings

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Sedona Infusion - April 4-8

Tuscan Infusion - January

Autumnal Equinox Intention Circle

Kids Yoga

Classes at Underhill

Personal Retreats at Underhill

Hike, Interfaith Devotional and Potluck

Advanced Level Yoga Teacher Training Fall 2019 in Rockaway, New Jersey

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Yoga Therapy for Outreach Certificate - Fall 2019

Yoga Therapy Applications for Injury, Illness and Mental Health prepares you to teach yoga therapy classes and to do private instruction. Participants must have their Yoga Impact Advanced Level Certificate to qualify.

Hikes and Devotionals on Sundays

Private Sessions

Accessible Yoga Conference in NYC

I have been a physical therapist for over 20 years and have held board certifications in both orthopedics and the upper extremity. Nancy Candea’s knowledge of anatomy and alignment is impressive. That combined with her extensive knowledge and experience in yoga makes her an absolute gem as a yoga therapist.
— Carol Anne Paterson, PT, RYT, RMT

“Nancy, I want to express to you how happy I am with your Yoga Therapy course! Each week I learn something new that can be put to use in the yoga I practice now; both my personal practice and my work with clients. I am excited to watch my yoga career open up as I move through this course and beyond – this work is so important and I am grateful for your compassion and knowledge, and your heartfelt generosity as you present the materials. I am also grateful for the wonderful people you chose to present some of the materials to us. I value their 
education and intuition and look forward to more of the same! Thank you again, Nancy. Yoga Therapy is a vital part of our total health care and I feel honored to be learning how to share it with others.”

— Jeannette Howard, Yoga Therapist

I am currently enrolled in Nancy Candea’s Yoga Therapy Training. She has provided her student’s with her own manual on the Five Points of Wellness. She has also provided us with an overview of anatomy and physiology, mental health issues, Ayurveda practices, understanding sanskrit, and mindful meditation. Nancy is a dedicated and experienced practitioner who truly cares about her clients and students.
— Carol R., New Jersey

**The yoga therapy components of our trainings are based on our C-IAYT credentials, not derived from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.”