Calm Steps to Vibrant Action: Yoga, Spirituality, Trauma and Social Justice Summit

on the Navajo Nation in Houck, Arizona

Therapeutic Use of Yoga for Trauma and Outreach Certificate

CEC: 20 hours for attending and submitting an overview of the Summit


30 hours for attending, reading The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel Van Der Kolk  and submitting a lesson plan for working with trauma.

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Monmouth Beach Yoga & Wellness

36 Beach Rd, Ste 10, Monmouth Beach

April 14, 12-2Pm        Register Here

Introduction to Yoga Therapy

Yoga has been shown to help in healing the effects of trauma, depression, anxiety, chronic anger, chronic pain, illnesses, and injury. This introduction to Therapeutic Yoga looks into some of the dynamic research into the healing aspects of yoga. Nancy's brings stories and her 20 years of experience working with diverse populations to her workshops and trainings . This workshop is for anyone interested in the healing aspects of yoga. The workshop includes discussion, a PowerPoint presentation, and simple yoga practices.

Time: 12-2pm

Cost: $45

Princeton Center for Yoga and Health

May 12, 10:00am-4:30Pm                                    Register Here

Therapeutic Use of Yoga for Trauma and Chronic Pain Management


One of the most dreaded fears we have is endless and unrelenting pain. More people are suffering from chronic pain than diabetes, cancer and heart disease altogether. Trauma and postural issues are two of the foundations of daily pain that Yoga can help address. Yoga Teachers and Yoga Therapists have access to skills that can help the millions of people who suffer from daily pain. Join us to explore how we can serve a little deeper. This course is appropriate for yoga students, anyone suffering from pain and yoga professionals. This course will include:

  • How to practice and teach yoga using trauma sensitive techniques
  • Learning asana techniques that help heal joint pain
  • Learning asana techniques that help heal back pain
  • Learning to analyze the source of pain
  • Understanding when lifestyle choices effect chronic pain management
  • Practicing pranayama and meditation techniques

$175/$150 if paid by 12/15/2017
For Yoga Teachers that want to receive 12 CEUs a 6 hours home study and written assignment is required. $25 to be paid to Nancy