I have been a physical therapist for over 20 years and have held board certifications in both orthopedics and the upper extremity. Nancy Candea’s knowledge of anatomy and alignment is impressive. That, combined with her extensive knowledge and experience in yoga, makes her an absolute gem as a yoga therapist
— Carol Anne Paterson, PT, RYT, RMT

Private Yoga and Personal Training

I blend yoga and personal training techniques to help my clients meet their fitness and wellness goals. We work with those who need a therapeutic and stress reduction approach to exercise and those who are at any fitness level looking to maintain or bump it up! I work with you to optimize physical health and fitness along with mental productivity. I train yoga teachers and fitness professionals all around the world in my techniques and they get results!

Yoga Therapy Session for Stress Reduction

·      Guided meditation techniques to decrease cortisol levels

·      Mindfulness training that helps you recognize the first signs of stress

·      How to apply breathing and movement techniques to regain homeostasis

·      Exercises to increase focus and “happy hormone” production

·      Techniques for anxiety and depression reduction

Yoga Therapy Session for Pain Management

Individualized exercises for

Nancy has worked with my family for the 3 years on individualized therapeutic yoga. Each of us required a different level of guidance and interaction given our ages, personalities and various states of physical and mental health. Nancy’s sensitive, intuitive and knowledgeable approach has been most helpful to each of us in restoring, building and maintaining a healthy perspective on both our bodies and overall sense of well being
— Irene, NJ

·      Postural alignment

·      Ease of breath

·      Increased core stability

·      Full range of motion

·      Improved balance

·      Deep relaxation

·      Healing from persistent pain

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Give the Gift of Peace. Individual Yoga Therapy sessions can help us find balance in our life by learning skills that help us find peace in both our mind an body. Learn to breath easier, let go of anxiety, find more energy, process thoughts more productively and move forward with passion. Strength, flexibility, ease with posture and unwinding stress can be addressed using yoga modalities. Choose more life! 

Sessions can be online or in person (Northern New Jersey)

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